Turf Drive

by On Your Marks

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released July 2, 2012

All songs written by On Your Marks
Produced/mixed/mastered by Rob Chiarappa
Artwork done by Freddie Koechlin

Guitar riff in "Bare Knuckle Boxing" written by Rob Chiarappa
Fry scream in "Bare Knuckle Boxing" done by Jake Newcomb
Guest vocals in "1262" sung by Eoin Wenger of Cross Town Train

Special thanks to:
Our families, best friends, anyone who's ever made it out to a show, Rob Chiarappa, Jake Newcomb, Cross Town Train, The Stolen, Reckless Antics, Batten Down The Hatches, 1262 Turf Drive, anyone who was around during the time at Turf, The Brighton Bar, Taco Bell, T.M. Stevens, our musical influeces, and anyone who checks out the E.P. We love you all.



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On Your Marks New Jersey

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Track Name: His Corner Of The Basement
1262 Turf Drive, Where the cops would always be by the end of the night. Where Alex fell in love and ate all the fluff. Where Matt took his pants off.

You said this was for our better, but any progress I've seen is in your favor.
Just think of all you made us leave behind. I miss Tenacious D and staying up with Tom all night.

It's not fucking right. Bring me back tonight.
I miss Tenacious D.
Track Name: Distances
Just a week, It's just a week. Barely enough to get a peek, barely enough to make hearts beat, but it's enough for you and me. Just a flash, it's just a flash. This shit, it happened all so fast, this shit i never got to grasp, but i had done enough to make you last.

I won't let you go. Baby it's crazy I know. Even with the distance still, I love you and always will, but of course I fall for the girl who's a million steps from the shore.

Desperation drowns me as the tail lights blind me. Like a hearse, you leave me with a curse. See, everything reminds me of you. You and I, we're supposed to share a life, together as we.
Things never turn out how you want them to be.

You fly through my mind girl, all of the time girl, Jersey's calling and I'm on the line girl.
I try to be kind girl, facade I apply girl, but without you I am blind.
Track Name: Bare Knuckle Boxing
What do you think is real? This body I'm enchambered in is only product of fabrication. What do you think is real? And who's perception is the right one to tell me how I feel? And what about this song? Is it real enough to make you think of all the things that you have done?

What if this is all a dream and none of it is real? Do I feel these emotions cause they brainwashed me to? And what if this is all a dream and none of it is real? If I left this body, could I still feel you?

Are you happy with yourself? Can you sit alone and think at night without an outward cry for help? And what about this paper we call money? Do you use it wisely, or are you just another pawn? Because these industries are fucked up and this paper runs our world, take a look up kid, cause they're molding your brain like clay every fucking second.

Track Name: I Wrote This Song With Your Guitar
I feel the need to write you a song even though you've given me nothing to write about. And that's mostly because you haven't even spoken to me in days. For some reason I still love you anyway. You only call me when you feel lonely, but that's every day for me and you're never there.
If only you kept your own promise when you said you'd never look at another boy like that, because I've kept mine, and darling it shows. I've been an asshole to everyone that I know.
You say don't get high, but you do it every other day without me in mind.
You say don't talk to any other girl... Well the hipocrisy, it kills.
Especially when you tell me honestly, you're smoking weed with him in your room. And especially when he's laying in your bed and I get no answer because "that would be rude."
It would be rude.
It would be rude of me to interrupt your happy little world, and do the same thing he did to me.
Track Name: 1262
Been confused about what I believe in, and lately it's about my decisions, but how do I do what's right when theyre always looking over my shoulder?
It's affected my best friends, or at least the ones I choose to be, and I've felt so sad lately.

I think I've come to a decision that I don't believe in anything, and if high school is the best years of my life, then I hope I die when I'm eighteen.

I believe in the man himself, but how do we know if we're saved? Do the killers go to hell? Or the kids that misbehave? It's confusing and it's clouding my brain.

Do I stay or do I go? With these kids I never know, where do we go from here?
In the end I swear I know that my best friends will stay clear, but where do we go from here?

We'll rise together and far from here. Where do we go from here?
Track Name: Bands Like Us Are Ruining The Local Music Scene
Front page in the memory book, I know exactly who you are. Fireworks are shooting back now, you take the spectacles too far.
Eighteen and still in the scene, you should be getting degrees. Just cuz your hair already, she's thirteen. Why don't you give me your advice, so next time I write I'll think twice, and make sure everything sounds exactly the same.

Keep bragging cause don't know what music is about if you don't have a heart to spill out. Just flip your hair and tell us off, we won't let it get to us, because Facebook likes don't matter if your band sucks.

Let's write a song with autotune, and rip off A Day To Remember too. Sorry to ruin your hair day for you, but Alex Gaskarth looks nothing like you.